Workshop about the sustainability of the services of the Tellogleio Foundation of Arts of AUTh

A 2-day workshop dedicated to the viability of a cultural institution, through the fresh eyes of young professionals in Thessaloniki

What was this?

A workshop to enhance the viability of the Tellogleio Foundation for the Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH).


15 participants


20 hours


4 permanent employees of the Foundation


Using participatory processes, we created a Design Thinking workshop to explore the factors that affect the financial viability of the cultural centre and to create new ideas that meet the real needs of the Foundation. With the help of 15 young professionals from different fields, we recognized the operating framework of the Foundation, were inspired and collaborated with its employees, observed how it’s organised and designed solutions to the key sustainability challenges the Foundation was facing.


The dynamic of the 15 participants and their different backgrounds, enriched the needs of the Foundation and offered realistic solutions. Ideas that were proposed during the workshop, were adopted and implemented directly by the Teloglion Foundation of Arts, AUTh.