Understanding systemic change in an uncertain environment

The importance of recognizing the dynamics of the system we operate in, before proceeding with a project

What was this?

A workshop on the importance of systemic change in Greece, at the invitation of the Actors of Urban Change program, which empowers urban change stakeholders/associations in Europe, with the aim of collaborating innovatively for more sustainable, inclusive and equitable cities. The meeting of the 3 Greek teams of the program took place in Santorini in October 2020 and the purpose of our workshop was to reflect on our role in the system we operate, to learn practical tools for understanding a system and to wonder how our project becomes more ''systemic''.


10 participants


3 tools of systemic change


3 hours


Starting with a theoretical approach to the tools and methods of Systems Thinking (placing them on the "Technical-Non technical and Academic-Applied'' axis), we selected the "Leverage points" of the projects of the participants, i.e. the points within in a system that can practically affect a project. Finally, we closed the workshop with the analysis of "How can I make my project more systemic? '' answering in detail separately for each phase of a project (initiation, planning, execution, close).



The training of the Greek teams of Actors of Urban Change strengthened with practical knowledge the systemic approach of the participants, created better connections between possible decisions and created opportunities for greater effectiveness of a project within the system. We consider it extremely important for us to be able to recognize the factors that create systemic change in Greece, but also our role in the system itself.