Training of the seasonal staff of Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF)

Every year we train the seasonal staff of Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) with our own human-centered approach and interactive methods, to help them better respond to the needs of a modern exhibition.

What was this

At the innovation agency, among, we are very proud of our collaboration with TIF-HELEXPO. Since 2017, we undertake the training of 300 seasonal staff workers every year during the September fair which welcomes 200,000 visitors.

Always under the guidance of the company executives, we provide the seasonal staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully help run the exhibition.

A few words about theThessaloniki International Fair
The Thessaloniki International Fair is an exhibition event with an institutional character, inextricably linked to the history of the economic and cultural development of the country. From its establishment in 1926, until today, it reflects the rhythms and trends not only of domestic but also of international entrepreneurship.


since 2017


10 hours tranining /


250 seasonal staff/


The educational program has been designed to equip seasonal staff with the necessary skills and knowledge required to effectively perform their duties during the exhibition. The aim is to ensure that they are well prepared to handle any situation that may arise.

Our program includes a comprehensive training plan that covers different aspects of the job, such as communication, collaboration, service to the public, problem and crisis resolution. We also provide information on safety procedures, emergency protocols and conflict resolution. For training purposes, knowledge is mainly shared through interactive processes such as role exercises, simulations and group discussions. Throughout the training, company executives provide guidance ensuring that seasonal staff receive comprehensive instruction.

The training lasts 10 hours and our team of experts works closely with TIF-HELEXPO to adapt the program according to the needs and requirements of each year. We provide all necessary materials including training manuals, presentations and interactive activities to ensure training is meaningful, informative and effective.


The seasonal staff is made up of mostly young individuals aged 22+. Having that in mind, we can understand the positive impact that this training has on developing their skills. This can enhance their future employability prospects and create a pool of employees that can be called upon for future exhibitions and events.

On the other hand, training seasonal staff improves the collective visitor experience and the impact is seen in the improved performance of seasonal staff during the fair. Employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their duties effectively during the exhibition. They are more confident, knowledgeable and able to handle the challenges that arise. In this way, high quality customer service, efficient crowd management and accurate information about the products and services displayed are provided. This, in turn, leads to a more successful exhibition with satisfied visitors and exhibitors, which on a wider level creates the possibility of attracting visitors to the city for the exhibition, promoting tourism and boosting the local economy. If visitors have a positive experience due to high quality customer service and efficient management, they may recommend the city to others and return for future events.

Every year, we try to create essential trainings for the seasonal staff, in order to meet the needs of the General Exhibition, as well as the visitors. Our purpose is to empower young professionals and create a better experience for everyone involved