International digital series of 5 workshops "Transfer the services of your organisation to a digital environment"

Organisations around the world should adapt their social and educational services to overcome the challenges of the COVID-19 era

What was this?

The Robert Bosch Stiftung's alumni network has made it a priority to help professionals from around the world meet the modern needs and challenges posed by the pandemic. For this purpose, they trusted us with the creation and processing of a series of workshops with the aim of digitising services. Professionals from Colombia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Poland and Serbia took part in our intensive workshops and learned how to digitally customise their services.


12 participants


8 countries


15 hours


The educational program of our 5 digital workshops "How to transform your service into the digital environment" focused on the methodology of service design. During the workshops we saw in detail how a service is defined, what service design means and when a service is considered successful. We also delved into tools necessary for sketching customer-users (Persona), capturing the "journey" of the customer (user journey map), as well as recording all the information that must be taken into account by the service provider ( service blueprint). Finally, we saw how one can easily, quickly and economically create a prototype, in order to optimise the user-customer experience.

Customer journey map - coaching


The training was completed with 12 professionals in strategic positions in organisations in different countries of the world to adapt their services to the digital environment. Each participant acted as a multiplier of this knowledge, as in order to apply the knowledge and tools they must work, not only with their colleagues but also, with local stakeholders of the service they provide. In this way we achieve much more substantial and long-term results, as we equip people in positions of influence with knowledge and practical tools, so that in turn they bring continuity and further enhance the impact that began with our series of training workshops.