Educational awareness action in the Municipality of Thessaloniki within the framework of the Humanity in action program

We trained 24 employees from 19 Directorates of the Municipality of Thessaloniki for a more inclusive service for citizens.

What was this?

Inclusion is essential for any society that desires development, justice and equality. For this purpose, we designed and implemented a day of training by promoting good practices (case studies) and proposals for more efficient public services, which serve people with disabilities more effectively. The implementation was supported by the Humanity in Action program, the office of urban resilience Resilient Thessaloniki, the Organization SMIYL (Sign Me In Your Life) for the correct approach and service of deaf / hard of hearing people and the Panhellenic Association of the Blind for the correct approach and service of people with vision problems.


25 participants


An organisation from Greece and one from Holland


5 hours


At Youthnest (now among) we believe in the power of learning through experience and for this reason, we designed and implemented an interactive one-day workshop with 24 civil servants of the Municipality of Thessaloniki. With the help of specialised trainers, themselves being trainers for the disabled, we presented good practices on how to serve hard of hearing and blind citizens. The experience with people with disabilities (beyond the theoretical approach) in a safe environment helped on the one hand to familiarise civil servants with more citizens, but also on the immediate response of technical/daily clarifications.


The importance of such training is undeniable. 24 employees from 19 Directorates of the Municipality of Thessaloniki were trained on how to effectively serve citizens with disabilities. This effort worked in multiple ways, as a different and more holistic approach was given to serving citizens. For us, creating more efficient services for all creates a fairer society.