"Extroversion & Synergies" Laboratory at the National Bank Educational Foundation

A 2-day sprint workshop in order to utilise the ideas of young professionals in Thessaloniki for the extroversion of a cultural organisation

What was this?

An intensive workshop to support the service of MIET (National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation) in order to expand its synergies and make the best possible use of the network of supporters it has created.


20 participants


20 hours


3 mentors


In this 2-day workshop we used the Design Thinking method to identify and enhance the level of extroversion of the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation (MIET). We used participatory procedures and mapping tools to decide together with the MIET staff and the workshop participants, which synergies would be most appropriate for the sustainability of MIET.


Young professionals, experienced project managers and communicators worked together for 2 days in order to solve a real challenge of a cultural organisation! The results were presented to the foundation alongside the possible ways of implementation. The cooperation and interaction of the participants with the MIET staff showed us all that there are realistic ways to find solutions, if there is teamwork and good spirit.