Design Sprint in digital volunteering

A ''sprint'' workshop, in which alongside ethelon and 60 participants, we optimised the volunteers experience when they offer their services digitally, due to COVID-19

What was this?

The new digital conditions have affected all areas of our lives, even how we volunteer. The "Design Spring in Digital Volunteering" workshop sought solutions that make it easier for volunteer organisations to better manage digital volunteering. Based on the example of Ethelon, which promotes volunteering in Greece, we participated in the Ethelon Days event to redesign digital volunteering in Greece!


60+ participants


10+ cities


2 hours


Focusing on the Design Thinking methodology, a holistic approach to problems in order to find sustainable, workable solutions, we designed a workshop on 3 axes:

1) Participants examined the profile (persona) of 2 Ethelon volunteers (corporate and volunteer citizens).
2) We studied the steps (user journey) that the 2 volunteers follow when offering volunteering through Ethelon (From the first update to their final evaluation after the offer).
3) We identified potential problems during volunteering and proposed specific solutions (ideation) that can be applied directly in the digital world.



The ethelon days were not missing out on interactivity and participation in the digital environment! Our workshop was attended by people from 10+ cities in Greece, showing in practice their love for volunteering and their concern about how they can continue to offer their services despite the adverse conditions of the pandemic. With the power of technology, participants were able to converse with people they would not otherwise have met, work together in small groups, and produce valuable results for the practical improvement of volunteering in the digital world.