"Synepikinono" workshop between employees of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and representatives of civil society

How do we try to overcome the barriers of communication with representatives of the Municipality, when the civil society tries to organise an action?

What was this?

An interactive workshop invited the employees of the Municipality and the active citizens of Thessaloniki to interact and share knowledge on communication tools.


40 participants from various fields


1 result


8 hours


In collaboration with the Municipality of Thessaloniki and a group of active citizens we organised a full day workshop and discussed ways in which the two members a) Municipality and b) Civil Society could work together to expand the initiatives of the Municipality, but also the activities of the Civil Society. In Thessaloniki, citizens' groups take initiatives and organise actions that improve living conditions in the city, inspire cohesion in their communities, claim public space for activists and cultural events. For this reason, effective communication between the two members will facilitate social actions and bring positive results faster.



How can civil society action provoke the participation of even more citizens? How will effective communication be developed through the Municipality in order to inform all citizens about the actions that are carried out in the city in order to substantially support them with their participation? What procedures and time schedules should be followed for the smooth functioning of a communication campaign, using the means available by the Municipality? This workshop gathered, for the first time, active citizens and employees of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, gave useful answers to the above questions and released the dynamics of both sides for the benefit of all citizens of the Municipality.