Civil Protection | The case of the Municipality of Kaisariani

An original research based on the methodology of service design with a focus on civil protection in case of emergency.

What was this?

In collaboration with the Municipality of Kaisariani, we studied the operation of Civil Protection at the Local Governance level. The aim was to present the elements of internal operation among the locally involved actors (such as the Civil Protection Office, the Environmental and Economic Departments of the Municipality, the Volunteers etc.) in a clear and effective way, in order to simplify and improve the Municipality’s response in emergency situations and natural disasters.

Given the study period (spring), the research focused on emergency situations in case of wildfires. However, some of the results are adaptable to other types of emergencies, while others can be applied as such, regardless of the crisis situation.


1 Municipality


30.000+ indirect beneficiaries


3 months of systemic analysis


We conducted a human-centered research using participatory (interview) and non-participatory methods (preparatory study), in order to gain a better insight on the examining topic. The research focused on the stakeholders’ actions and relationships, as the goal was to create a guide for improving the local Civil Protection services and for the more efficient distribution of tasks, resources, staff and time.

Regarding the methodology, we conducted a series of telephone and live interviews with the Municipality’s Deputy Mayor of Civil Protection in Kaisariani. All data, analyses and conclusions drawn by the Youthnest (now among) research team are based on the information gathered by the aforementioned methods.

The digital tool miro was used to enhance transparency and data accessibility.


Civil Protection plays a key role in preventing, dealing with and restoring the emergencies’ adverse consequences. Stakeholders are called to be constantly alerted in order to respond to the challenges promptly and effectively.

To support them in their service, our research delivered the following outcomes:

a) A visualization of the organization and operation of Civil Protection in the Municipality of Kaisariani
b) An internal communication form adapted to forest fires
c) A Communication Plan with means and ways for direct communication with citizens.

These deliverables will contribute to better resource management as well as to a more immediate and effective implementation of actions by the stakeholders of both Civil Protection and other services; and eventually a better quality of life.