A Redesign of the branding of the "Kapani" market with the Design Thinking methodology.

How participatory processes and the correct use of a methodology change the identity of a market

What was this?

The redesign of the branding of the "Kapani" market with the Design Thinking methodology, was a participatory action to redefine the identity of the most central market of Thessaloniki, Kapani, focusing on the needs of shop owners and customers.

Local identity, the role and use of the Kapani market is the focus of both short-term and long-term strategies for market and regional development. Therefore, designing a logo is the first step of a larger strategic plan to rebirth the Kapani market and others in the area. The project started at Christmas of 2016, and was the basis for the creation of relevant events to the market in 2017 and beyond.


4 weeks of Design Thinking


30 shop owners


5 partners


In collaboration with the Business and Culture Development Centre (KEPA), the Creativity Platform, and 2 special guests from abroad, we co-designed a Design Thinking process that aimed to meet the needs of the shop owners of the Kapani market.

Step 1: The action started with the 1st step of the Design Thinking methodology (EMPATHISE) to gather market development opportunities through a common branding.

Step 2: In the 2nd stage, the shop owners co-formed (IDEATE) those ideas that strengthened the brand of the market.

Step 3: In the next stage (PROTOTYPE), the graphic design office based in Kapani "Kapani Graphix" designed and presented the initial ideas regarding the logo and its use. Specifically, at this stage, the co-creation workshop gave shop owners of the market the opportunity to participate in the design process and comment on the original designs.

Step 4: The shopkeepers voted and decided which logo fits the style of the market and in the final stage (TEST), some first items were created (bags, stickers) to test the impact of the initiative.

Co-designing and co-creating was vital to understanding and enhancing the Kapani Market’s identity. As the logo is the first step in the broader strategy, it set the tone for the project and encouraged marketers and market customers to take part.



Through this workshop, the shop owners collaborated in a series of actions to jointly develop the identity that expresses them. In an action that lasted a month, the shopkeepers were trained in design, participatory processes and the use of visual identity. The bags that were produced carried the message of the new identity to 4,000 homes in the city and shop owners got together and organised the next steps of the initiative that launched because of the market identity.