2-day digital Hackathon - SKG in Action

10 hours of digital activities with professional facilitators is enough to help the young people of a city to highlight sustainable actions.

What was this?

In November we designed and coordinated ActionAid’s two-day Hackathon "SKG in action", which invited 80 young people aged 18-30 who wanted to implement an idea to improve life in Thessaloniki. "SKG in action" focused on 3 needs of the city (environment, accessibility and the arts) and aimed to empower participants with knowledge of project management, sustainability, audience development , etc.

During the hackathon the participants built their idea step by step with the help of specialised mentors and the ActionAid team. After all, ‘’Experiencing an era of ecological crisis, it is important to protect the environment, by changing our way of life and adopting more nature-friendly habits. At the same time, it is necessary to build the cities in which we live in such a way that access to infrastructure and services is smooth and without exceptions. However, at the same time as the above and especially in unfavourable economic and social times, it is important not to leave the arts, the main vehicle for expressing our ideas and feelings, to lose their role and voice in society." (ActionAid )


80+ participants


10 hours


15+ partners


The two-day digital Hackathon was built with the aim of interaction and efficiency in the digital space. Using the possibilities of specially designed digital tools (eventora, miro, mentimeter, etc.) we created an intensive program combining speeches that inspired the participants around subjects such as Art (Konstantinos Koulouzakis), Environment (Ioannis Giovos) and Accessibility (Spyros Kouzelis) and practical knowledge but also specialised speakers in project management (Marina Sarli), audience targeting (Vivian Doumpa), sustainability (Mara Angelidou) and communication (Efthimios Savvakis), aspects necessary for the competing teams to create a brief but comprehensive presentation of their idea.



Within 2 days, 12 groups created ideas for solutions on 3 critical topics (Arts, Environment, Accessibility). The intensive training of 80+ participants in basic aspects of entrepreneurship and project management, helped young people in Thessaloniki to specialise in the necessary characteristics of a sustainable project, while at the same time equipping them with knowledge useful for any work environment. The selection of the 5 winners at the end, and awarding them with a cash prize by ActionAid to implement their idea, strengthened the society of the city. The dynamics developed during the networking event of the digital Hackathon is of great importance, offering long-term benefits to all participating teams.