1+ year of wellbeing workshops at InCommOn

How can non-formal learning and fun workshops help an organisation?

What was this?

InCommOn (Innovative Communities Onwards) is an organisation that promotes sustainable and participatory urban development to address the problems facing Greek cities. It is based in both Thessaloniki and Athens and the range of its actions is even greater! So how can the team be effectively tied up despite the geographical constraint?

To this end, Youthnest (now among) has designed an annual program of a series of workshops, during which all InCommOn members get to know each other better and come closer, outside of the work environment.

2022 is the second year of this wonderful collaboration!

📷 Photo from the Food Challenge!


14 members


30+ hours


1+ year


A holistic approach of 12 workshops over a period of 12 months creates a safe space for the InCommOn team, so that at the end of each month they can meet and invest their time in human relationships with each other. The topics of the 12 workshops are adapted to the needs of the group each month.

✔️Indicative topics:
✔️Goals of the year
✔️Sharing personal problems
✔️Positive gossip!
✔️The 36 questions to get to know someone
✔️The wheel of life etc.



2021 has proven to be a challenging year for all employees worldwide. This collaboration within the monthly meetings of the whole group offers a safe space for discussion, relaxation and empowerment that the whole InCommOn team needed.

In 2022 the monthly meetings continue in a similar manner, as the team embraced this methodology, and is now an integral part of the quality time of all members of the organisation!