Project Design

Our team is ready to help you organise impactful projects,
focusing on citizen engagement and social innovation.


1. project initiation

We connect the dots to create an impactful project.

2. project planning

We use project management tools to plan effectively and collaborate.


3. project execution

We implement projects that have a positive impact.


4. project closing

A holistic approach demands a professional closing with reporting results and impact measurement.

How can you plan and carry out an impactful project that engages citizens?

We are passionate about initiatives that help shift systems and expand perspectives.

We have coordinated and facilitated a number of innovative projects that create positive social change, from turning school yards into an accessible community spaces to introducing the public to environmentally friendly transportation.

As project managers and facilitators we are well aware that every part of the process must be carefully planned, especially when your resources are limited.

Our approach is to provide access to our expansive networks, experience and resources, while we constantly improve the way we design our services for the most effective results.

5 reasons to choose our Project Design

We will help you prepare, design or deliver a project, according to your own needs and priorities.


We use the most innovative tools for project management, service design and audience development.

Save time and use resources efficiently with our extensive network and our background in urban and social projects.

We work with NGOs, public or private entities and communities to deliver a well-rounded course of action for the best possible results.

Our methodology is based on empathy and user experience so we plan first and foremost for the positive experience of everyone involved.

Our impact

The Region of Central Macedonia employed our services in 2017 and 2018 to design and deliver a gamification project on Sustainable Urban Movement and Development called Voltaro. More than 7000 citizens participated in just ONE day!


Partners we've worked with


''Working with Youthnest made me witness how driven and enthusiastic the team is. Our collaboration took place in Beirut and it was an enriching experience to work with a partner organization that understands the value of social innovation in today's world and have the capacity to transfer it to young people through meaningful experiences.''

Abbas Sbeity, Designer and Facilitator, Architects for Change

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